Hilary, you are a true professional!

Hilary and Jay

Hilary, you are a true professional! We had numerous requirements for our new home, and since we intend to live there for a very long time, we knew that this search would be a huge project. Your ability to be readily available and responsive was a huge comfort in helping us to relax, and gain the clarity and knowledge that has been key in our success. It is abundantly obvious that you have made a serious focus to gain solid knowledge of the real estate market, and a high degree of professionalism. Purchasing a home is a large financial and emotional decision. Finding the right fit with a real estate agent is so important. You have helped us in ways that we did not even imagine we needed. You have shared so many tools to help us along the way. The videos that you made of homes for us, helping us to understand the areas that we were looking at, referring back to our wish list to help us clarify our needs and our wishes, looking at the trade-offs, and surely you helped to keep us focused and calm. Whenever there was something to be investigated, or clarified, you told us what you would do, and then you did it. When you presented information it was clear, and to the point. You went out of your way to increase our knowledge and understanding, and gently introduced thoughts for consideration, and then tied everything together. These are serious skills for a professional, and we are so grateful to you. We look forward to selling our previous home with you once the updates are completed.