Truly impressive team of realtors!

Hilary and Jay

Jay and Hilary were invaluable in two different real estate transactions. First, they patiently helped us find the property that was right for us. That process took a long time. They encouraged us to keep looking until we found what we really wanted, responding immediately to our requests for showings and offering helpful insights and information about the many houses we visited. Their rapid response time was key to our being able to purchase a property that delights us–and that clearly delighted the other party who also made an offer on the first day of the listing.

Jay and Hilary then went on to list the house we were selling and were able to generate two offers within the first five days. They coached us through the process of preparing the house, negotiating with the buyer, and then dealing with a difficult HOA situation. They were there to offer a calm perspective and to explain our options every step of the way. We were astonished at how attentive and understanding they were.

Throughout both processes, Jay and Hilary were consummate professionals. They were knowledgeable, completely reliable, and always pleasant. We can’t thank them enough for all of their help, and we would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or list a house.