Getting Around

Getting Around

With I-10 accessible by traveling west down Tangerine Road, and Oracle Road bordering one end of Rancho Vistoso, you will find that getting around is a snap. It is under an hour to Tucson International Airport, and just under two hours to Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. The University of Arizona is 18 miles away, and Pima Community College is 11 miles.

Public transportation and “Dial- A Ride” services are readily accessible in Rancho Vistoso.

Visit Suntran and Sun Shuttle for information including routes, fares and accessibility. (520) 792-9222 TDD (520)-628-1565

Two locations for Park and Rides in Oro Valley

2291 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. (corner of Vistoso Blvd. & Vistoso Commerce Loop)

Riverfront Park on Lambert Lane

Prefer to walk or bike?

Not a problem! Rancho Vistoso and Oro Valley in general have fantastic bike paths and walking trails. Visit this page to learn all about the trails in Oro Valley and view all the maps.

Air travel

Getting to the Tucson airport from Rancho Vistoso usually takes under an hour, while taking the I-10 off Tangerine from Rancho Vistoso to Phoenix Shy Harbor is usually well under 2 hours. Road conditions, accidents and driving during rush times can greatly influence these times, so please check traffic reports and plan plenty of time to arrive.

Tucson International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Train Travel

Travel by train in Tucson is not the easiest or least expensive way to go, generally speaking. But if you love train travel- or are terrified of flying, you do have the option available to you. Travel time from Rancho Vistoso to the Tucson Train Depot is usually is anywhere from 35 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on traffic.