Homeowner’s Association

Homeowner’s Association

The HOA in Rancho Vistoso Rancho Vistoso is governed by a “master” HOA, Vistoso Community Association. In addition, many neighborhoods (including all gated communities and condos) have their own sub-HOAs. FirstService Residential is the management company that Rancho Vistoso has contracted with to manage the community. Board meetings for the master association are generally held on the 4th Thursday of the month at 5:30. If you plan on attending one of these meetings, make sure you double check the events calendar to verify the time. If you would like to become involved, there are opportunities galore to volunteer for different committees (such as Parks and Recreation, Compliance Committee, Communication Committee and several others) or you can run for a seat on the Board. You can also keep up to date on what is happening in the community by checking out their email newsletter.

Yard and Estate Sales

One thing to be aware of is the yard and estate sale policies in Rancho Vistoso. You are not allowed to hold a yard/ garage sale or an estate sale within the Rancho Vistoso community unless it is on a day designated by the HOA. Generally, there are two sale days a year—one in the spring and one in the fall. Some estate sales may be approved for other days on a case-by-case basis. Some homeowners find this restrictive, while others see it as a benefit, cutting down on heavy weekend traffic driven by garage sales. If you have items to sell and you don’t want to wait for the next date, perhaps try to post them on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Craigslist. Alternatively, donate them to Goodwill or the Golden Goose in Catalina (an amazing thrift store to visit!) and take a tax write-off.

Architectural Guidelines and Paint Colors in Rancho Vistoso

Before you make any changes to the exterior of your Rancho Vistoso home, including paint, make sure you fill out an application for changes and contact the HOA. The HOA policy is that ANY and ALL modifications to the exterior or structural modifications MUST receive approval first. We know this can be frustrating but save yourself the hassle and expense of having to restore any changes you make and wait for the HOA to approve it. The Rancho Vistoso HOA says it can take up to thirty days to receive approval, so don’t start or schedule the work until you hear from them. Paint colors can be found here. However, you still must fill out a form (Architectural and Landscape Review Submittal Form) before you start painting. Some homeowners can find the strict guidelines to be too suffocating at times—but it really does help keep the community looking cohesive and certain things from not getting out of control. Rancho Vistoso does have a pretty strict HOA—if you are thinking of purchasing a home there do take this into consideration. Some homeowners may prefer a non-HOA or very lax HOA in another area of Oro Valley.

Connecting with the Rancho Vistoso HOA

The Vistoso Community Association is located at 945 W. Vistoso Highlands Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85755. Their phone number is 520-354-2729. You can contact the FirstService Residential management company via their website or by calling 520-219-4520. Their address is 7616 N. La Cholla Boulevard Tucson, AZ 85741.

Disclaimer - We are not affiliated with the Rancho Vistoso HOA. This page is for informative purposes and is not intended to be perceived as an official HOA page. Please click the button labeled Vistoso Community Association for the HOA website.