Invest In Rancho Vistoso

There are a myriad of different real estate investing options in Rancho Vistoso. From the Vistoso Resort Casita condos to multi-million dollar residences at Stone Canyon, there is an investment property for all purposes, and all budgets. We can help you find the one that will be perfectly suited to help you achieve your goals.

There are many reasons to invest in real estate in Rancho Vistoso and the surrounding Greater Oro Valley area!

The area is lush with natural beauty, chock full of amenities and close to all the Tucson area has to offer— and has been growing steadily for the last several years. Visitors from around the world flock here, especially during the winter months, to escape the cold and experience world class mountain biking, hiking, golf and to just generally absorb the sunny weather. Additionally, with several high tech firms in and around Innovation Park in Oro Valley, the need for relocation and corporate rentals is on the rise as well. First, are you looking for long term capital, positive monthly cash flow or properties to add value to, and then resell (“flipping”)?


Seasonal or Short Term Rentals

These are fully furnished rentals that also have all housewares. Generally landlords like to have a minimum rental period for these, as after each stay property must be fully cleaned and restocked with supplies. There are visitors who will want to stay for the month or the entire season, and you may want to offer them a lower rate based on a longer term. Properties with pools and without will rent and there are pros and cons to both that need to be weighed. Potential renters include— seasonal visitors, visitors in town for special events such as the Gem Show or the Tour de Tucson, corporate relocation temporary housing and those who perhaps and just sold their home but are waiting for their new one to close. For seasonal or short term & corporate rentals in Rancho Vistoso, be sure to consult the HOA and the Town of Oro Valley to make sure you comply with any additional rules they may have. You will also want to comply with any notification or forms needed to Pima County. You will be taxed at a higher rate when using the property as a rental, so be sure to add that into your bottom line. As these rules and regulations do change from time to time we ask that you contact the appropriate entities listed above directly so you have the latest information.

Long Term Rentals

Your renter pool here will be those who have chosen not to own a home for whatever reason, and want an unfurnished house on a year or longer basis. Rent rates will be significantly less than with short term stay furnished rentals, but the up side there should be much less work involved. Again, contact the agencies above for the most current regulations regarding rentals.


Adding Value and Reselling- “The Flip”

If you have the stomach and resources to flip houses, there is potential to make pretty big chunks of money—IF you are well informed, realistic and have a good crew. The market is good right now and screaming deals are harder to come by, but if you are able to flip the right house, the hot market can really work in your favor. There are a few things that buyers here in the Oro Valley area love to have—and don’t like to have—and we will be sure to point out things about the house or design choices that can really maximize (or minimize) your return.

We have assisted many different types of investors in rental property

Local residents who purchased rental properties, out of town investors seeking to invest their IRA in a rental property, families that buy in together for a seasonal rental and a nationwide publicly traded company buying and selling rental property in Tucson. In addition, we have successfully closed several transactions for our flipping investor clients, assisting them in locating the property, brainstorming about the potential and researching design choices, to finally marketing and selling their property.

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