Thinking Outside Of The Box— Digital Staging

Have you heard of digital staging? Or perhaps seen a property online that has been digitally staged? This technology of digitally adding furniture and other accouterments to a photo of a vacant room is growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, it simply may be cost prohibitive to traditionally stage a home, especially a very large vacant one. It also takes much less time to digitally stage rather than to manually do it. Sometimes, we like to utilize digital staging simply to add in the furniture—we provide actual artwork, towels, shower curtains, etc. so the home does not feel as “naked” when shown.

Currently, the MLS requires that all digitally staged photos are followed by the original un-retouched image to avoid consumer confusion. We also like to have photos printed of the room digitally staged, and place them in the listing so people can refresh their memory on how furniture might work in the space. There are very few agents who are embracing this technology, but we think it will be very popular in the future. Some of the agents that do offer it now use cheap DIY programs or apps to digitally stage, and it shows.  We hire the best professionals who are also well-versed in design as in addition to possessing great graphic skills to do our digital staging—at no additional cost to you. Check out the “before and afters” of a beautiful listing we sold in Oro Valley utilizing digital staging.

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