Virtual Showings and 360 Interactive Tours

Buyers today simply don’t have time to spend physically touring properties that they will have no interest in, and sellers don’t want “Looky Lous” traipsing through their homes, either.  Our new interactive 360 walk through tours are beneficial to our sellers as well as our buyers, as they will allow clients to virtually visit the home in a way that is impossible with static photos, or even a video tour—before scheduling an in person showing. These tours are interactive—viewers can “walk through”, panning a full 360 degrees in order to focus on what they want to. We invested in the top model camera for this, but the tours still can’t match the static “glamour shots” that our photographer will do of your home—which is why we do both. 😊Keep in mind that the tour is more for functional purposes, rather than magazine-quality photos. We will create this tour on the same day as your property’s photo shoot, to limit inconvenience to you.


Check out the photos and more from the webpage for Bangalor Drive here.

As you can see, the tours are not optimum for a “prettiness” factor, but very useful nonetheless. We hope that as this technology becomes more and more the norm, that the companies will offer better cameras with more options. 😉